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Photobooth Trucks stop in cities across the country, where people can add their faces to this portrait of America.

Visit our traveling photobooth truck

Location Date
Champaign, IL October 25
Springfield, IL October 26
Naperville, IL October 28
Chicago, IL October 30
San Diego, CA October 30
Chicago, IL October 31
San Diego, CA October 31
Costa Mesa, CA November 01
Aurora, IL November 01
Costa Mesa, CA November 02
South Bend, IN November 03
Long Beach, CA November 04
Long Beach, CA November 05
Los Angeles, CA November 06
Atlanta, GA November 06
Los Angeles, CA November 07
Tampa, FL November 08
Bakersfield, CA November 09
Miami, FL November 10
Bakersfield, CA November 10
Miami, FL November 11
West Palm Beach, FL November 12
Las Vegas, NV November 13
Las Vegas, NV November 14
Orlando, FL November 15
Orlando, FL November 16
Carson City, NV November 16
Reno, NV November 17
Charlotte, NC November 18
Greensboro, NC November 19
Salt Lake City, UT November 20
Fayetteville, NC November 21
Salt Lake City, UT November 21
Grand Junction, CO November 28
Phoenix, AZ November 30
Tucson, AZ December 01
Houston, TX December 05
Houston, TX December 06
Memphis, TN December 08
Nashville, TN December 11
Lancaster, PA December 13
Reading, PA December 14
Philadelphia, PA December 15
Philadelphia, PA December 16
Washington, DC December 19
Washington, DC December 20

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